Ratcon RB

Ratcon RB is a single dose, ready to use anticoagulant Rodenticide effective against mice, rats, and bandicoots. It has lots of advantages over conventional Rodenticides. It could be used to control mice, rats, and bandicoots in houses, shops, agriculture, warehouses, godowns, ports, poultry farms and all other places where they are a menace.

Salient features

  • No prebaiting required
  • Ready to use
  • Single dose
  • Weather resistant
  • No bait shyness
  • Poses low hazard to non-target species
  • Rats tend to die outdoors
  • Has a specific Antidote.

Ratcon RB is available in 100 gms.

Ratcon CB

Ratcon CB  –   Ratcon is also available in concentrate form. This concentrate has to be mixed with a suitable bait material to prepare a bait. Ratcon CB is recommended for applications in large areas like warehouses and agriculture. It is available in 500 gms tins.